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Greg Doucette’s third HTLT protein powder utilizes slower digesting casein

Htlt Casein Whey Protein

Greg Doucette’s growing brand HTLT, an abbreviation of his signature phrase “Harder Than Last Time”, has released a third protein powder, separate from its original Whey Protein and plant-based Vegan Protein. The supplement is named HTLT Casein + Whey Protein, as it does indeed combine those two sources, micellar casein and whey concentrate.

HTLT’s Casein + Whey Protein combines its two main ingredients to provide a solid 25g of protein per serving alongside 2g of carbohydrates, a gram of fat, and a lean 120 calories. It is purely the types of protein that separate Casein + Whey Protein from HTLT’s other protein powders, with the casein making the supplement a slower digesting source of protein.

Casein + Whey Protein is currently the same price as HTLT’s whey-exclusive and plant-based protein powders at $39.99 for a tub of 25 servings in the one Vanilla Ice Cream. The brand from Greg Doucette also offers a bulk pack as it does for many of its other products with three full-size tubs that bring the price per tub down by a nice $5 to $34.99