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Reputable Huge Nutrition releases its first dedicated nootropic supplement

Huge Nutrition Focus

Despite launching with a massive selection of supplements, which it has since expanded on many times, Huge Nutrition previously did not have a nootropic formula in its lineup. That all changes this month with the release of the nsimply named Focus, a supplement that’s all about increasing and enhancing energy, mental focus, memory, clarity, and concentration.

Like most nootropic style products, Huge Nutrition’s all-new Focus is an ideal formula for study, working, general day-to-day productivity, and the increasingly popular purpose of gaming. If you’re familiar with Huge and any of its supplements, you’ll know it doesn’t hold back on ingredients and dosages, typically packing its products with some great-looking formulas.

Huge Nutrition Focus Label

Focus continues Huge Nutrition’s reputation of comprehensive formulas, bringing together a solid combination to support all of those benefits mentioned earlier. You can see its full facts panel in the image above, featuring highlights such as 2g of tyrosine, 600mg of alpha-GPC, 750mg of DMAE, 250mg of eria jarensis, and a combined 350mg of caffeine from two sources.

Huge Nutrition’s latest entirely new supplement does come at a fairly premium price of $59.95 through its official online store, and that is for a bottle of the usual 30 full servings. We’re not sure of any ongoing or current deals and discounts that are out there, although if you can bump up your order, you’ll at least save on shipping, as it’s free in purchases of more than $100.