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Inno Supps adds more for focus and appetite in Inno Shred Focus

Inno Supps Inno Shred Focus

Inno Shred is one of Inno Supps’ most popular supplements, featuring a variety of ingredients to provide the usual blend of weight loss benefits such as energy, thermogenesis, and appetite support. The hit product also has a more advanced or hybrid spin-off in Inno Shred Focus that combines many of the ingredients in Inno Shred with a handful of others to enhance mental focus.

Inno Supps has designed Inno Shred Focus to support energy, thermogenesis, and appetite control, like Inno Shred, and now improve focus and cognition. The brand has packed the supplement with a non-transparent blend dedicated entirely to the focus side of the experience, and you also get a separate blend to support and reduce appetite even more so than the original.

Inno Supps Inno Shred Focus Label

We’ve added the facts panel behind Inno Shred Focus in the image above, where you can see the similarities to the regular Inno Shred, carrying over Paradoxine, Capsimax, and reliable caffeine. For the added focus, Inno Supps has included a light 76mg blend of alpha-GPC, theanine, and huperzine a, then for more appetite support, hoodia, garcinia, coleus, and a few others, combined into a proprietary blend weighing 135mg a serving.

The more advanced formula powering Inno Shred Focus does bring with it an additional cost, as directly from Inno Supps’ online store, the product is $5 more than Inno Shred. A full-size, 30 serving bottle of the hybrid supplement is priced at $54.99 over on with the usual 20% discount if you choose to subscribe to Inno Shred Focus to bring it down to a slightly nicer $43.99.