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Killer Labz revamps its high-powered stimulant fat burner Exterminator

Killer Labz Revamped Exterminator

It was only a couple of months ago, hardcore supplement company Killer Labz decided to revamp its high-powered, heavy-stimulant pre-workout Stim Reaper, giving it a fresh new formula. The brand carried over several ingredients from the previous version but promised a stronger experience, and now Killer Labz is doing the same to another one of its stimulant-powered products in Exterminator.

Exterminator is Killer Labz’ flagship fat burner, and it is relaunching at the end of this week, featuring a new formula. Similar to the recently released Stim Reaper and its predecessor, the brand has carried over several ingredients from the last Exterminator for its 2022 edition. The goal of the supplement is, of course, still very much the same, aiming to support energy, thermogenesis, and weight loss.

Killer Labz Revamped Exterminator Label

We’ve added the facts panel for Killer Labz revamped Exterminator in the image above, where you’ll notice everything is wrapped in a non-transparent, 515mg blend. The brand has managed to squeeze quite a bit into that blend with caffeine and eria jarensis to enhance energy, alongside Paradoxine, ProGBB, 3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine, and another premium branded ingredient in IsoSyn betaprhine.

Once again, Killer Labz is looking to launch its refreshed Exterminator fat burner at the end of this week in combination with a limited-time discount through its online store. If you’re a fan of the original, it’ll be the ideal time to get in and stock up, especially since the brand likes to improve its products from version to version, which we have to imagine is the case once again with the new Exterminator.