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LevlUp promises exclusive benefits with 3 of its 50 handcrafted NFTs

Levlup Nft Gaming Booster Collection

We’ve seen a few supplement companies dabble in the world of NFTs in their own unique way, including the likes of Inspired, Digital Nutrition, and the gaming leader G Fuel. Another brand is about to follow in the footsteps of G Fuel with the Germany-based gaming company LevlUp, which has put together 50 unique, creative, and handcrafted NFTs.

LevlUp is calling it the NFT Gaming Booster Collection, with one of those NFTs seen in the picture above. They’re essentially graphic variants of a tub of the brand’s signature energy and focus-enhancing gaming supplement. Each of them has a specific theme to it, including a grenade, the one and only Pac-Man, a spray can, and a seemingly transparent tub.

As mentioned, LevlUp has put together 50 NFTs, of which three of them unlock exclusive benefits and rewards for their owner, although there is no word on what any of those are. It sounds like the brand is going to let fans know when the NFT Gaming Booster Collection is available, and you’ll want to be quick, as, with only 50 NFTs minted, they’ll likely go fast.

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