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MuscleBlaze puts together its first amino supplement with all nine EAAs

Muscleblaze Eaa 8000

Indian sports nutrition brand MuscleBlaze is no stranger to amino supplements, with several in its lineup, such as BCAA Gold, BCAA Pro, BCAA 6000, and Fuel One BCAA. One thing you’ll notice in the names of each of those products is that they’re all BCAA-based; however, that changes this week with the brand’s introduction of EAA 8000.

EAA 8000 is MuscleBlaze’s first full-spectrum EAA-powered amino supplement and features a combined 7.7g of all nine EAAs to support and enhance muscle recovery and repair. The brand has also thrown in a light 750mg of pure citrulline, electrolytes and coconut water to help with hydration, and 5mg of BioPerine to improve absorption of the formula.

Directly from MuscleBlaze’s online store, EAA 8000 will cost you around the same as its other BCAA-powered products at ₹1499 (20.09 USD) for a tub of 25 servings in just one flavor to start with Razz Lemonade.