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Myprotein looks to deliver a pre-workout style experience in gummy format

Myprotein Pre Workout Gummies

Gummy candy has become quite a popular format for sports nutrition supplements over the past year, with several brands putting something together in the sweet and chewy style. While the type of product does, of course, taste great, none of the gummies we’ve come across feature overly impressive formulas, at least near the top level of traditional powder supplements.

Myprotein has released a rather interesting gummy candy product this week under its Myvitamins brand with the self-explanatory Pre-Workout Gummies. True to its name, the supplement aims to deliver a pre-workout experience in the form of delicious gummies. The brand has packed it with common pre-workout ingredients, although none of them are dosed at competitive powder pre-workout levels.

Each serving of Myprotein’s Myvitamins Pre-Workout Gummies has 3mg of niacin, 1.4mg of vitamin B6, 800mg of pure citrulline, 400mg of taurine and a very light 20mg of caffeine. Those numbers don’t really compare to regular non-gummy pre-workouts, even next to other Myprotein pre-workouts such as The Pre-Workout, which has five times the citrulline and ten times the caffeine.

As always, the first place you can purchase the latest from Myprotein is through its main online store at, where you have two size options to choose from. There is a bottle of 60 gummies or 15 servings at £21.99 (29.81 USD) or a resealable bag of 16 gummies or four servings at £7.99 (10.83 USD), both in the same Blueberry flavor.