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Naughty Boy describes its intriguing Rose Magnum flavor as something different

Naughty Boy Rose Magnum The Drip

Most of the time when Naughty Boy adds new flavors to its lineup, it does so for its many different pre-workout supplements, mostly its original, reliable, and stimulant-powered competitor Menace. Early next month, the UK-based brand and back-to-back International Brand Of The Year winner is dropping a flavor for a product in a separate category from pre-workout, specifically its comprehensive fat burner, The Drip.

At the moment, fans of Naughty Boy aren’t really short on flavors for The Drip, with four to choose from in Summer Yutes, Blue Wicked, Bondi Peach, and Lemon Haze. Taking the weight loss supplement’s menu to a total of five in February is a typically unique Naughty Boy creation named Rose Magnum. The brand hasn’t provided a detailed description of its taste, only that it’s something different and will be here next month.