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After years of searching Nutristat releases its premium carbohydrate Carb2O

Nutristat Carb2o

While many carbohydrate-based supplements on the market rely on common sources like maltodextrin and dextrose, there are a few more premium products to choose from. The always advanced and well-put-together brand Nutristat has now come out with a carbohydrate supplement that its research team has apparently been working on for years.

Nutristat Carb2O is a premium carbohydrate formula providing 30g of carbs per serving with a gram of that sugar and a calorie count of 121. What makes the product so different is the ingredient providing those carbs, with completely hydrolyzed rice oligodextrin, which has a lower glycemic response than those typical sources mentioned, so it doesn’t spike insulin as much as others.

The rice oligodextrin in Nutristat’s Carb2O also enters the bloodstream faster than glucose and is better digested and absorbed by the body, making for a premium carbohydrate to power performance. Nutristat has produced its advanced formula in unflavored powder form for stacking with other supplements, and it’s available from the brand’s website at $49.99 for a tub of 20 servings.