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Protein World switches from its signature yellow in the new Slender Cake Mix

Protein World Slender Cake Mix

Protein World has been featured here at Stack3d several times since we first posted about the lifestyle supplement company less than one year ago in April of 2021. Protein World is an incredibly busy brand, and this week, that continues with not only an entirely new product — something we rarely see from Protein World — but a major change to its appearance.

Slender Cake Mix is the newest supplement from the UK-based company, with a baking mix for you to easily make a delicious low-calorie cake, and like Slender Mug Cake Mix, it is somewhat high in protein. In a 40g serving or slice of Slender Cake Mix, you get 6.8g of protein, 23g of carbohydrates with only half a gram of that sugar, a low 1.2g of fat, and a reasonable 133 calories.

As mentioned, there is one other significant feature Slender Cake Mix has brought to Protein World fans, which is the introduction of a noticeably different look. You can see Slender Cake Mix in the image above, where we don’t get Protein World’s signature bright yellow color. The brand has switched to an elegant design with a sleek white and brown color combination, a more spacious layout, and a serif font for almost all of the text.

You can purchase the all-new Slender Cake Mix in its one and only Chocolate Fudge flavor through Protein World’s online store at £14 (18.79 USD) for a half kilogram bag. At the moment, or at least from what we can see, Slender Cake Mix is the only product from the brand in its refreshed label design, although if this is a rebrand, that won’t be the case for long.