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Immune supporting Quash shot hits Bang Energy’s website at $34 a case

Quash Immune Shot

Quash is a compact, on-the-go shot product from the makers of the popular Bang Energy drink, which we first got a look at several months ago in June of last year. We’ve finally got some more specific details on Quash, as since then, we hadn’t seen the immune support shot show up as available anywhere or see any details outside of that initial preview.

The Quash Shot is designed to support and strengthen your immune system with a combination of reliable immunity ingredients, including vitamin C at a solid 600mg per shot and vitamin D at 3,500iu. The product also features 7.5mg of zinc alongside 100mg of goBHB D-ketones, 250mg of elderberry, and 150mg of black chokeberry, once again, all in there to support immune health.

If you’d like to get your daily dose of immunity ingredients from a shot and give Quash a try, you can now grab it from Bang Energy’s online store alongside all of its energizing beverages. The price of the compact 3oz or 90ml shot is $33.99 for a case of a dozen bottles, which is about $2.83 each, with several flavors to choose from, many of them being Bang flavors.

If you head to soon there is actually a limited time deal running on the Quash shot where if you grab two cases, you’ll get a third one free. That works out to a much more competitive $1.88 per shot, although as mentioned, it’s only available for a limited time.

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