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Australian brand Red Dragon getting into superfood at the end of the month

Red Dragon Nutritionals previews Greens

Australian supplement company Red Dragon Nutritionals has built out its lineup quite nicely over the past couple of years, now sitting with a selection of products in several different categories. At the end of this month, the brand is expanding its catalog even further, dropping a type of supplement it doesn’t already have, although it is something more and more competitors are getting into.

Red Dragon Nutritionals’ next entirely new product is going to be a superfood formula simply named Red Dragon Greens. While the name is relatively simple, that isn’t the case on the inside, as the supplement has a lot more than just greens ingredients. We don’t have the facts panel to share yet but can confirm the powder product has greens, reds, enzymes, fiber, probiotics, and immunity ingredients.

Again, we haven’t seen the facts panel for Red Dragon Nutritionals’ upcoming Greens, although based on its brief description and highlights, it’s clear the brand is taking a comprehensive approach to provide a variety of benefits. As mentioned, the brand plans to roll out its latest entirely new supplement at the end of the month in Granny Smith, Wild Raspberry, and Breakfast Juice flavors.