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Redcon1’s three-piece Gummies Series arrives for as low as $16 a product

Redcon1 Gummies

After previewing the series last week, Redcon1 has officially released its all-new Gummies Series, made up of three separate gummy format supplements in Immunity, Sleep, and Apple Cider Vinegar. With that initial preview, we were able to confirm a few ingredients for each of the products, although it turns out they’re all a little more complex than those brief formulas.

The Redcon1 Gummies Series supplements are available from today through, and they’re all the same exact price of $19.99 for a bottle of 30 servings. The ingredients behind the products, starting with Immunity, are elderberry and echinacea at 66mg and 41mg, respectively, 3mg of zinc, 183mg of vitamin C, and 6.5mcg of selenium all to support immune health.

Next in the Gummies Series from Redcon1 is the nighttime supplement Sleep featuring 110mg of theanine, 16mg of lemon balm, 17mg each of chamomile and passionflower, and a solid 5mg of melatonin. Last but not least, you have Apple Cider Vinegar, with a gram of its title ingredient in every serving plus small amounts of pomegranate and beet juice at 80mcg each.

Once again, all of Redcon1’s Gummies Series products are available now through its online store at $19.99 each or $16 with our Stack3d Insider coupon code. The supplements have 10 to 15 calories in two gummies, and they’re all in different flavors with Blue Raspberry Immunity, Mixed Berry Sleep, and a fitting Fuji Apple for Apple Cider Vinegar.