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More complete EAA-based amino from Savage Line releasing sometime in February

Savage Line Labs Bcaas Eaas Hydration

Canada’s Savage Line Labs does already have an amino supplement on the market in ISO BCAA, although it’s not your typical amino competitor with more than what’s in its title. The product combines a solid 7g dose of the three all-important BCAAs with ingredients to enhance focus, including 600mg of alpha-GPC, 50mg of the mushroom lion’s mane, and 100mg of DMAE.

Sometime in the month of February, Savage Line Labs is launching a second amino supplement, and while it is separate from ISO BCAA, like that product, it features quite an advanced formula. Savage BCAAs, EAAs + Hydration is the upcoming amino, which explains what it’s all about in its name, bringing together BCAAs, five of the other six EAAs, and ingredients for hydration.

Savage Line Labs Eaa Label

Savage Line Labs has packed each serving of Savage BCAAs, EAAs + Hydration with 7.5g of eight of the nine EAAs to support muscle recovery, with 5g of that being BCAAs. Then for the hydration side of the supplement, you get half a gram each of glutamine, coconut water, betaine, and ornithine.

As mentioned, Savage BCAAs, EAAs + Hydration is still very much an advanced sports nutrition product, like ISO BCAA, with the key differences being the inclusion of EAAs and the hydration support. Once again, Savage Line Labs is rolling out Savage BCAAs, EAAs + Hydration next month in four flavors, all with 30 servings a tub, including the candy-themed Blue Shark Candy.