Strawberry Watermelon takes the menu of the flavored Animal Cuts to three

Strawberry Watermelon Animal Cuts

In 2021, the hardcore legacy supplement company and nominee for Brand Of The Decade, Animal, transformed another one of its products into a flavored powder. This was something we had seen the brand do a few times before, initially for its signature supplement, the multivitamin Animal Pak, then Animal Flex, Animal Immune Pak in 2020, and last year, the fat burner Animal Cuts.

The flavored version of Animal’s long-running weight loss product launched in Blue Ice Pop and was quickly joined by a citrusy Orange Mango option in the months to follow. The supplement company has now given Animal Cuts a third flavor for fans to choose from in Strawberry Watermelon, available from today through Animal’s online store at $41.95 for a tub of 21 full servings.

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