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Supplement Needs kicks off 2022 with an entry into the water loss category

Supplements Needs H20ut

Supplement Needs is another reputable brand starting the year fresh with an entirely new product, introducing the comprehensive water balance formula H20ut. Like other competitors in the rather specialist category, Supplement Needs’ entry is designed to help balance the water your body holds for a leaner overall look, ideal for the days leading up to a bodybuilding competition.

H20ut from Supplement Needs brings together over ten key ingredients, including several compounds common in this type of product. Nine of those ingredients are natural herb extracts, with the likes of uva ursi, juniper berry, artichoke, bladderwrack, and goldenrod, once again, common features of water loss supplements. There are also a handful of electrolytes and premium PurCaf providing 100mg of smooth and energizing natural caffeine.

Supplement Needs has packed the usual 30 servings into each tub of H20ut, to as mentioned, support water loss and balance, although that isn’t intended to supply you for an entire month. The brand directs users to take one serving of the product three times a day for a maximum of five days in a row, meaning that 30 servings will get you through two full, five-day cycles.

H20ut is available now through the Supplement Needs website at £29.99 for a full-size tub, and the brand does make it a little easier to take by putting it in the form of Berry-flavored powder.