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Vayu puts together a maize version of its cream of rice product

Vayu Instant Maize Pudding 1

The eye-catching German brand Vayu, which consistently puts together reliable and quality sports nutrition supplements, has revealed it is adding to its lineup once again tomorrow, at precisely 6PM local time. The brand’s latest product is actually a spin-off of something it already has available with Instant Rice Pudding, Vayu’s competitor for the growing cream of rice trend.

The supplement Vayu is dropping tomorrow evening is named similar to Instant Rice Pudding with Instant Maize Pudding, which is the same sort of thing as Rice Pudding, but made with maize instead of rice. While the main ingredient is different, the goal of the product is still very much the same, aiming to give fans of the brand a clean and nutritious source of carbohydrates.

To make Instant Maize Pudding easier to enjoy and add some of your own tastes and flavors, Vayu has made it unflavored, although that’s not to say actual flavors will become available at a later date.

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