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Rice Cream blends plant protein and cream of rice for a unique and balanced meal replacement

Allgood Nutrition Protein Rice Cream

We recently posted about AllGood Nutrition’s all-new Protein Rice Cream, which was confirmed as a plant-based supplement providing a good amount of protein, although it turns out there is a bit more to it. The product is actually a balanced meal replacement for any time of day, with a solid 16g of protein alongside 19.9g of carbohydrates and less than a gram of sugar.

The protein in AllGood Nutrition’s Protein Rice Cream comes from a blend of pea isolate and gold hemp seed protein, while the carbohydrates are primarily from granulated jasmine rice or cream of rice. It’s the first supplement we’ve seen combine cream of rice and a source of protein for a complete nutritious meal solution, with MCTs also in there as a source of healthy fats.

AllGood Nutrition is still planning to launch Protein Rice Cream within the next week or so exclusively through the major Australian sports nutrition retailer Elite. The product is coming in a reasonably sized 1.15kg tub with enough powder for 25 full servings and three flavors to choose from in Delicious Chocolate, Vanilla Cinnamon, and a not-so-traditional Raspberry Cheesecake.