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Valentine’s Day comes to Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series

Alpha Lion Limited Valentines Flavors

Later today, Alpha Lion is releasing yet another entry in its Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, where it drops special edition flavors every month, one each for two of its many pre-workouts. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner in a little less than two weeks, the brand has, of course, themed its latest monthly limited-time flavors around the annual event.

As mentioned, Alpha Lion has put together two flavors for the month of February, starting with the fruity Tangerine Guava recipe given the Valentine’s Day name Swolemate Sauce. That flavor is for the brand’s advanced pre-workout Superhuman Supreme, with the other creation being V-Day Veins, a cherry pomegranate combination for Superhuman Pump.

Once again, Alpha Lion is launching both Swolemate Sauce Superhuman Supreme and V-Day Veins Superhuman Pump later today at precisely 3PM Pacific Time or 6PM Eastern. The release will be through the brand’s online store at and will last 72 hours unless the products sell out before then, which will very likely happen.

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