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St. Patrick’s Day influences Alpha Lion’s limited pair of pre-workouts for March

Alpha Lion St Paddys Flavor Of The Month

In a few days, on the 3rd of March, this Thursday, Alpha Lion is launching its impressive 12th Pre-Workout Of The Month collection, making it a full year of two limited flavors every month, as the brand originally promised. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, in a little less than three weeks of March 17th, so it’s no surprise Alpha Lion has decided to theme its 12th pair of special edition pre-workouts around the event.

Alpha Lion is doing things a bit differently for its March Pre-Workout Of The Month, where instead of releasing two separate flavors, one each for a different pre-workout, the brand has made one flavor for two supplements. Coming this Thursday is the yuzu key lime sherbet flavor Electric Leprechaun for two of Alpha Lion’s Superhuman pre-workouts in Superhuman Extreme and the stackable Superhuman Pump.

The pair of limited-time flavors of the Superhuman supplements will be available first through Alpha Lion’s online store at precisely 3PM Pacific Time or 6PM Eastern Time. As with all of the brand’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series drops, you’ll want to be quick, as Electric Leprechaun Superhuman Extreme and Superhuman Pump are only around for 72 hours or less if they sell out sooner, which can definitely happen.

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