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Image surfaces of a premium beef snack from the legacy brand Animal

Animal Pak Beef Biltong

Details have surfaced on a new product coming soon from the legacy brand Animal the Universal and Animal distributor BP Muscle in Thailand. The company has thrown up an image of a high-protein product, separate from its many past bar-format efforts in the enjoyable wholefood-based Animal Snak, Animal Boss, and the delicious, candy bar-like Animal Pro.

You can see the preview of the upcoming item in the image above with Animal Pak Beef Biltong made from premium beef and packing a solid 16g of protein per serving with absolutely no sugar or carbohydrates. While the picture of Animal Pak Beef Biltong isn’t clear, we can see there will be three tasty and familiar biltong flavors in Original, Hickory, and Spicy Chili.

Animal is keeping its beef snack as clean as possible, being completely natural and featuring no additives, preservatives, nitrates, or MSG. We’re not sure when Animal Pak Beef Biltong will be making its way out to stores and stockists, but we look forward to the launch of the product, as it is something different, especially from the longtime brand that Animal is.

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