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Apollon designs Lionheart as promised with an impressive performance-first formula

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart

Lionheart is a highly-anticipated pre-workout from the hardcore company Apollon Nutrition, designed to replace its original performance-focused supplement Kumite. The new version is so different you may not see the similarities, with not only the name changing from Kumite to Lionheart, but Lionheart also coming in flavored powder instead of capsules and packing a loaded formula.

While there are many differences from Kumite to Lionheart, the aim of the pre-workout is still primarily to increase, enhance, and support performance and endurance. You can see evidence of that in the product’s facts panel below with many of the ingredients brands rely on for those benefits, plus a few other features for energy and focus to make for a more balanced experience overall.

For performance and endurance Apollon Nutrition has included 2g of the performance-powering mushroom blend PeakO2, another solid 2g of NO3-T betaine nitrate plus 1.25g of betaine by itself, a full 150mg of elevATP, 100mg of the premium and proven Senactiv, and 3.2g of beta-alanine.

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart Label

As you can see, Apollon Nutrition is driving home the performance and endurance aspects of Lionheart more than what fans may remember from Kumite. It’s essentially Kumite with the brand’s now signature premium approach, and again, there are other ingredients for energy and focus such as 600mg of alpha-GPC, 2g of tyrosine, and much less caffeine than Apollon’s Assassin and Hooligan at a combined 300mg.

Apollon Nutrition promised a bit return for Kumite in Lionheart and on paper, it is looking every bit of that. As mentioned earlier, Lionheart is going to be a flavored pre-workout, not capsule format like Kumite, and it’ll have two options on its menu in Green Demon and Blue Devil. Lionheart is arriving this Friday with 20 servings per tub like Assassin and Hooligan, and a similar price of $54.95.