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Apollon’s promising performance pre-workout Lionheart arriving in two weeks

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart

One of the big announcements Apollon Nutrition made in 2021 was that it would be completely transforming its more performance, endurance, and athlete-focused pre-workout Kumite. The revamp will be only the second version of the supplement to ever come to market, and now, months after that initial announcement, the brand has confirmed it is only a couple of weeks away from release.

Apollon Nutrition has decided to rename Kumite for its next iteration, moving away from the title entirely and switching to Lionheart. Another key detail or difference from Kumite to Lionheart is that the product is no longer going to come in capsules. The brand is transitioning the supplement into the more familiar pre-workout format of a tub of flavored powder, with, of course, great taste.

While a lot is changing with Kumite as it transforms into Lionheart in the coming weeks, Apollon Nutrition has kept the focus of the product the same. It is still very much a performance and endurance-supporting pre-workout and it will remain lower in caffeine compared to the brand’s other potent and high-powered pre-workouts — Assassin and Hooligan — which have around 600mg of caffeine.

Apollon Nutrition’s Lionheart is said to have about half the caffeine of Assassin and Hooligan. Another major ingredient confirmed to be in the formula is premium NO3-T nitrates, alongside five other branded features. In total, the supplement will have 14.95g of active ingredients, a hefty amount considering it’s primarily about performance and not looking to deliver as intense pumps and energy.

Once again, Apollon Nutrition is planning to launch Lionheart within the next couple of weeks, with full details on its promising formula due to be shared next week.