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Apollos shares details on its simpler nootropic supplement Mind Map

Apollos Hegemony Mind Map

Poland’s reputable brand Apollos Hegemony is gearing up for another run of new supplements, similar to what we saw from the impressive company back in early 2020. One of those products that is due to be available soon is the completely new nootropic Mind Map, separate from Apollos’ powerhouse competitor in that same category with highly effective Mastermind.

Like Mastermind, Apollos Hegemony’s new Mind Map comes in flavored powder format, for you to throw into a cup or shaker and drink immediately or over time. The goal behind the supplement is along the same lines as most other nootropics, featuring a combination of ingredients and dosages to drive energy, focus, concentration, and cognition.

Apollos Hegemony Mind Map Label

The formula powering Mind Map is not as complex or advanced as that of Mastermind, making it somewhat of a simpler product. Each of the supplement’s relatively light 6g servings provides a gram of leucine, 1.5g of choline bitartrate, half a gram each of acetyl-l-carnitine and tyrosine, 200mg of theanine, and, of course, caffeine at a reasonable 204mg from caffeine anhydrous and guarana.

As mentioned, Mind Map is really a simpler nootropic next to Mastermind, which is actually getting a revamped V2 version in the near future. While the all-new energy and focus enhancing Mind Map is not available yet, we have to imagine when it eventually arrives, it will have a lower price than Mastermind. In saying that, a full-size tub of the product has twice the usual 30 servings at 60.