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AstroFlav finally adds flavors to Collagen and debuts its superfood formula Greens

Astroflav Greens

Reputable sports nutrition brand AstroFlav known for some great tasting supplements — especially its ISO Mix — has several exciting new experiences to share with fans this week. The brand has rolled out an impressive total of seven new flavors, spread across two separate products in the reasonably straightforward Collagen and the all-new superfood formula Greens.

For AstroFlav’s Collagen, the flavor extensions are great news as previously, the supplement didn’t have any actual tastes to choose from, only a neutral option named Unflavored. Four of the brand’s seven new flavors are for Collagen, and finally give fans some variety with traditional Chocolate and Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and something even more uncommon in Irish Cream.

Astroflav Greens Label

Moving on to AstroFlav Greens, it is, as mentioned, a superfood product that takes an advanced approach with a lot more than just the component in its title. The brand has brought together fruits and greens ingredients, a unique 2g blend of marine superfoods, prebiotic fiber, a group of enzymes to improve digestion, and a complex of probiotics providing one billion CFUs to support gut health.

All of AstroFlav’s actual flavors of Collagen are available through its online store at at the supplement’s usual price of $42.95 for a tub of 28 servings. Greens is also in stock and available through that website, although its advanced formula does put its cost a little above many of the other superfood products out there at $54.95 a tub in Chocolate, Berry, and Natural flavors.