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Atlhetica makes its already enjoyable protein balls crispier and tastier

Atlhetica Nutrition Best Whey Protein Balls

Brazilian brand Atlhetica Nutrition has taken its Best Whey family of protein-based products well beyond the original protein powder and into things like bars, shakes, and even some unique snack formats. One of the more interesting entries in the Best Whey collection is Best Whey Protein Balls, a bag of miniature, crunchy and flavorful balls that are packed full of protein.

As crispy and crunchy as Atlhetica Nutrition’s Best Whey Protein Balls already were, the ever-evolving brand has decided they weren’t quite good enough or at least up to their standard as they were. For 2022, the popular Brazilian brand has relaunched its crispy ball snack with a fresh new look, similarly strong macros, and much better overall taste and texture.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s new and improved Best Whey Protein Balls has all of the same flavors in Milk Chocolate, White Milk Chocolate, the combination of both in Duo Crunchy, and finally, Cookies and Cream. The macros are about the same as well, with the Milk Chocolate packing 10g of protein a bag, 19g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar, 16g of fat, and 250 calories.

The now even better Best Whey Protein Balls from Atlhetica Nutrition are already out and available in its home country of Brazil, available in the same snack-sized 50g bag with boxes out there as well with 12 bags in each.