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Fat burner Slice N Dice arriving alongside ATP’s pre-workout Yippee Ki Yay

Atp Science Slice N Dice

On Monday of next week, ATP Science is launching its first pre-workout with the uniquely named Yippee Ki Yay or Yippee for short, featuring ingredients to increase energy and enhance focus. As it turns out, that is not the only all-new supplement the brand is dropping on the last day of the month, with today bringing news of another upcoming product.

Also coming next week alongside Yippee Ki Yay is Slice N Dice, a supplement created for another category almost as popular as pre-workout in weight loss. ATP Science has shared a few details for Slice N Dice, specifically a handful of its key ingredients in English walnut, bitter orange, sustained-release ZumXR caffeine, and Gynostemma Plus.

The overall aim of ATP Science’s upcoming Slice N Dice is to help you sweat and burn fat as well as improve workout performance. It’ll be interesting to see the full formula behind the product; as mentioned with Yippee Ki Yay, the brand doesn’t typically enter mainstream categories. We’ll be sure to grab all of Slice N Dice’s details next week when the weight loss supplement becomes available through ATP’s website.