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Beast Sports looking to get back to its roots in its upcoming Beast Mode X

Beast Sports Beast Mode X

Beast Sports recently released an all-new amino supplement in BCAA Hydration, coming just a couple of months after the launch of its rebranded Beast Protein. Those were the first all-new products we had seen from the traditionally blue brand in a year and a half, and now it looks like things are picking up speed at the long-running Beast Sports.

The latest from Beast Sports is that it is currently getting ready to release another entirely new supplement, and like BCAA Hydration and Beast Protein, it is for a popular, mainstream category. Coming soon from the brand, potentially later this month, is a stimulant-powered pre-workout utilizing its signature product name in the category with Beast Mode X.

Beast Sports is saying that Beast Mode X is going to see the brand go back to its root, with a whole new pre-workout experience promising lasting energy, intense muscle pumps, and increased strength. It essentially sounds like Beast Mode X will be one of the brand’s best pre-workouts in a while and is looking to deliver a comprehensive experience.

We’ll have more information on the upcoming pre-workout supplement soon, and as mentioned, Beast Mode X is not expected to be far from launch, with Beast Sports hoping to have it out later this month.

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