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Black Magic debuts its topical version of the fat burner Magic Eraser

Black Magic Topical Magic Eraser

Black Magic’s all-new fat burner Magic Eraser is now available, and it is not the same as the stimulant-powered capsule supplement already available from the brand and also named Magic Eraser. The new release rolling out from Black Magic is a topical formula designed for fans to apply to areas of their body they’d like it to work on, then after exercising, you simply towel off what’s left.

The topical version of Black Magic’s weight loss product Magic Eraser is said to work best for cardio and high-intensity exercise, although it can be used for other types of workouts and physical activities. The goal of the topical supplement and its blend of ingredients like maca, aloe vera, and capsaicin is to increase sweat, provide extra help to burn stubborn body fat, and improve definition.

One of the first places you can purchase Black Magic’s topical Magic Eraser is its own online store, where a full-size 12oz bottle of the sweat-enhancing product will cost you $44.99. The brand’s website does have a free tier for shipping too, where it’s included if you spend over $59, so you don’t have far to go after the Magic Eraser topical cream, which by itself is $15 away.