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Body Science jumps on the clear protein trend and with a unique Sour Cola flavor

Body Science Clear Whey

One of MM Sports’ many house brands, Body Science, has released a supplement for the still strong trend of clear and refreshing, fruit-flavored protein powder. The style of product has certainly not faded or died down, with many small to large-sized brands coming out with something utilizing that approach, and now Body Science has joined in on the fun.

The MM Sports brand has named its clear and refreshing protein powder Body Science Clear Whey, featuring premium whey isolate to provide a reasonable 18g of protein per serving. The rest of the supplement’s nutrition profile is incredibly lean, or practically non-existent, with only 100mg each of fat and carbohydrates, and a calorie count of 88.

As for the important part of a more refreshingly-flavored protein powder, Body Science’s Clear Whey has debuted in three flavors with Peach and Strawberry, and an extremely intriguing Sour Cola. The entire family is available now through MM Sports with half a kilogram, 20 serving bags costing 199 (21.75 USD) or 167 (18.25 USD) each when buying four.