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Body Science adds extra protein to its delicious chocolate hazelnut spread

Body Science Protein Spread

It was only yesterday we shared news of an all-new protein powder from the MM Sports house brand Body Science in the free-range formula simply named Egg Protein. The Swedish retailer is back in the headlines today with something less sports nutrition and more functional food-related in the delicious-looking and self-explanatory Protein Spread.

MM Sports and Body Science’s Protein Spread is indeed a chocolate hazelnut-flavored spread that is high in protein thanks to its inclusion of the quality source, whey protein concentrate. Each traditional 30g serving of the product has 5.4g of protein, just under 10g of fat at 9.9, 12.6g of carbohydrates with 1.6g of that sugar, and a total calorie count of 146.

Body Science already had traditional peanut butter available in crunchy and a Chocolate Swirl flavor, so the addition of a dedicated high-protein and flavored spread is a great extension. Protein Spread is a bit more expensive than the brand’s peanut butter, but not by much at 39 kr (4.19USD) for a 200g jar or as low as 33 kr (3.54USD) when grabbing three.