Continue reading Stack3d almost doubles the menu of its BCAA-based Signature amino

Bodybuilding Com Signature Bcaa Flavors has almost doubled the size of the menu for its Signature Brand amino supplement BCAA, which is precisely what it says it is. The online retailer puts only BCAAs in the product, with a combined 5g of the all-important amino acids in each serving, and at 3:1:1 ratio, broken down to 3g of leucine and a gram each of isoleucine and valine.

Signature BCAA from already had four flavors to choose from in Rocket Pop, Blue Cotton Candy, Strawberry Lemonade, and Sour Gummy. There are now three more options alongside that previous menu, all refreshingly fruit-based and packing 30 servings with Arctic Grape, Watermelon Ice, and the two-part taste Blackberry Lime.

All three of’s new Signature BCAA flavors are available through its online store at the supplement’s usual and very reasonable price of $17.99 a tub. The retailer and brand does also have a deal running at the moment where you can get three full-size tubs for the price of two, bringing that already competitive $17.99 down to an even better $11.99.

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