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Bombbar’s attention returns to Protein Pancake with a Creamy Caramel flavor

Bombbar Creamy Caramel Protein Pancake

One of the many products the creative Russian company Bombbar released in 2020 on the way to its first Functional Food Brand Of The Year Title was the delicious Protein Pancake. Similar to other protein pancakes out there, the snack brings together a soft and smooth pancake with a creamy, flavorful center, for something very different from your typical protein bar, cookie, or chips.

Bombbar launched its Protein Pancake in two flavors with Milk Cream and Chocolate Cream, then Double Chocolate the following year, which was quickly joined by the fruity options Strawberry and Banana. Bombbar is back again this month adding to that same product with flavor number six and it sees the brand return to the dessert world with a tasty Creamy Caramel Protein Pancake.

The nutrition profile on Bombbar’s Creamy Caramel Protein Pancake is around the same as the other five options in 10g of protein per pancake, 4.9g of fat, 1.6g of carbohydrates with no sugar, and 111 calories. As always, you can grab the latest from Bombbar through its Russian online store at a very reasonable 700₽ (9.14 USD) for a box of ten protein-packed pancakes.

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