Kelly Yager’s Blueberry Lemonade flavor moves to Bowmar’s Immunity Support tub

Bowmar Nutrition Blueberry Lemonade Immunity Sport

A few months ago, Bowmar Nutrition put together another flavor collaboration, similar to what it did in its many peach flavors with Bailey Turner, although on this occasion, it partnered with Kelly Yager. Bowmar and Yager created a special edition Blueberry Lemonade flavor, exclusively for the brand’s immune support and strengthening supplement Immunity Support.

The one key catch with Bowmar Nutrition’s Kelly Yager collaboration was it was only available for the box of single-serving stick packs of Immunity Support, not the bulk tub of 30 servings. Today, all of that changes, as the brand has released Yager’s Blueberry Lemonade Immunity Support in the traditional tub format, and it is available now through Bowmar’s online store at $34.99.

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