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Next new flavor of the Outright Protein Bar to be covered in delicious chocolate

Chocolate Caramel Outright Protein Bar

Over the years, we’ve seen many different flavors from Outright for its original real food protein snack, the Outright Protein Bar. They’ve ranged from straightforward yet enjoyable classics to some much more complex and mouthwatering creations. In 2022, the award-winning functional brand is looking to mix things up with its first-ever chocolate-covered Outright Bar.

The upcoming flavor is Chocolate Caramel, and it promises a cashew nut butter base, similar to some of its other Outright Protein Bar options, infused with sweet caramel and all covered in delicious chocolate. The Outright Bar was already one of the smoothest snacks out there that simply melts in your mouth, and adding chocolate to it sounds absolutely amazing.

We have to imagine the macros will be slightly different from the non-chocolate-covered Outright Protein Bar flavors, although still within the product’s usual realm of around 16g of protein and 290 calories. The promising Outright Bar experience is not available yet but is launching soon with Tiger Fitness, as always, set to be one of the first places stocking it.

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