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Clean Cause puts collagen, prebiotic fiber and energy into a limited time drink

Clean Cause Collagen Prebiotic Energy Drink

Beverage brand Clean Cause has created and come out with a different kind of energy drink, separate from its original yerba mate-based product. Clean Cause’s latest innovation is undoubtedly unique, and there is an important catch to it, in that it is currently only available for a limited time. There are not a lot of cases available; in fact, in its last update, the brand said there were only 350 left.

The Clean Cause launch is branded similar to its other drinks, but with a Strawberry Lemon flavor, and on the inside, the brand has brought together 3g of collagen peptides and a gram of prebiotic fiber. There is still an energy component to the product with green coffee bean and green tea extract combining to provide a reliable 120mg of natural caffeine for a smooth increase in energy.

Clean Cause’s newest beverage is a nice functional twist to its typical energy drink, although again, this product is not around for good and is currently only available on a limited-time basis. Energy drink enthusiasts can grab the collagen and prebiotic-infused beverage straight from the Clean Cause website for a little more than a case of its regular yerba mate drink at $39.95 for a case of 12.