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Cutler puts 50g of protein and 1,200 calories into its international mass gainer

Cutler Nutrition Cutler Gainer

Cutler Gainer is a mass protein from Jay Cutler’s brand Cutler Nutrition, although you won’t find it in stock anywhere in the US. Over the last few months, the supplement has shown up in various stores around the world as an international exclusive. Like most competitors in the gainer category, Cutler Gainer is packed full of protein, carbohydrates, and calories.

The nutrition profile behind a serving of Cutler Nutrition’s mass gainer starts with 50g of protein, followed by a hefty 239g of carbohydrates, just 6g of fat, and a four-figure calorie count of 1,200. As you can see, the supplement certainly has the macros we’ve come to expect from a product of this type, and it has three flavors; Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Strawberry.

Once again, Cutler Gainer is not a supplement you’ll find or be able to purchase in the US, only in some countries outside of it. Algerian retailer Super7DZ is one of the places you can purchase Cutler Nutrition’s high-protein and calorie-dense gainer in bags of 17 servings, and through that store at least, it converts to a fairly high price of 14,800 DA (105.22 USD).