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Darkside reveals its first entry into the pump pre-workout sub-category

Darkside Ultra Pump Xtreme

Darkside has always been in the pre-workout category; in fact, its first supplement was precisely that with the packed-out product, Ultra Pre-Workout. The brand has expanded into many other categories since then, although over the years, it has not come out with a stimulant-free pre-workout to stack with Ultra Pre-Workout, which is about to change.

Darkside is getting ready to release a supplement named Ultra Pump Xtreme to go alongside the more recent stimulant-powered pre-workout it has out there in Ultra Pre Xtreme. Ultra Pump Xtreme is indeed all about increasing and enhancing muscle pumps, and it has all of the ingredients and dosages to do that with a strong variety and reasonable dosages.

Darkside’s Ultra Pump Xtreme includes highlights such as 3g of pure citrulline, 1.5g each of GlycerSize glycerol and coconut water, Himalayan pink salt, and half a gram of agmatine. The supplement also has a few ingredients to also support and enhance mental focus by way of half a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine and a fairly light dose of alpha-GPC at 150mg.

While some of those ingredients are lower than what we typically look for in a stimulant-free pre-workout, keep in mind, it has a lot of crossover with Ultra Pre Xtreme. For example, while Ultra Pump Xtreme has half the usual 6g of pure citrulline at 3g, Ultra Pre Xtreme has 4g, so if you stack the two together, you’ll end up with that more competitive amount of 7g.

Darkside’s Ultra Pump Xtreme is due to roll out in Australia and New Zealand next week, and as you can see in the image above, it’ll have three flavors to choose from when it eventually arrives. Those options are Sour Watermelon, Pineapple, and an unflavored version called Nothin’ But Pump, each with 20 full servings per tub or 40 servings if you take half.

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