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Efectiv makes a few changes to its hybrid Amino Lean including the addition of GBBGo

Efectiv Nutrition Amino Lean

The UK’s Efectiv Nutrition has revamped its hybrid amino and weight loss supplement Amino Lean, staying true to the original’s intentions with a few changes on the inside and outside. You can see the cosmetic differences in the image above, where Efectiv has rebranded the product in a mostly black design, similar to some of its other supplements out there.

As for the formula changes in Efectiv Nutrition’s new Amino Lean, the amount of BCAAs you get per serving has remained the same at 3g at the usual ratio of 2:1:1. The ingredients that go alongside the all-important BCAAs are where fans will notice changes, as it now has 2g of glutamine, a gram of carnitine tartrate, coconut water, and GBBGo for a thermogenic effect.

Efectiv Nutrition Amino Lean Label

The 2022 edition of Amino Lean also features a source of caffeine, like its predecessor, although instead of coming from caffeine anhydrous, Efectiv Nutrition has included 400mg of kola nut, providing 80mg of caffeine and 40mg of theobromine. The brand is currently planning to launch the improved hybrid product in a couple of weeks on Monday the 28th of this month.

When Efectiv Nutrition’s revamped Amino Lean does eventually arrive, it is going to have four flavors to choose from, all packing one-third more servings than the original at 40. The flavors that’ll be on its menu are Pineapple Crush, Sunset Mango, Icy Blue Razz, and Lemon & Lime.