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EVL founder Mike Spinner talks success, growth and a new kind of supplement

Evl Mike Spinner Interview

In this week’s Stack3d Podcast interview, we brought on Mike Spinner, the founder and man behind the now well-established and widely available brand EVL known for supplements like ENGN, Trans4orm, LeanMode, and BCAA Energy. We covered the brand’s impressive rise over the years, its move to become exclusive to the major online retailer and everything in between.

Another area we dug into with Mike Spinner and EVL is the successful supplements it’s had during its journey in the industry, all starting with the hit stimulant pre-workout ENGN, which is the only product still around from its debut lineup. One of the supplements brought up during that conversation was the hybrid amino mentioned above, BCAA Energy, something the brand didn’t expect to be as popular as it is.

As always, Mike Spinner left us with something to be excited about and look forward to later this year, saying that EVL has a product in the works that is unlike anything else out there. He went as far as saying it’s essentially a new category and that he’s surprised no one has done something like this yet. You can listen to the full interview on all of the usual Podcast platforms in iTunes, Spotify, and Google.

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