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GCode creates a supplement for kids with vitamins, probiotics, superfoods and more

Gcode Nutrition Kids Super Power Punch

GCode Nutrition has been an incredibly fun and exciting brand to follow since we first stumbled across it at the Arnold Sports Festival several years ago. From its incredibly unique TriChamber bottle for its pre-workout with three separate flavors in the one tub, to its hormone health formula Queen specifically for females, the brand has always followed its own path and that continues with its latest effort.

GCode Nutrition has unveiled a type of supplement we’ve not yet seen from it before, or to be fair, it’s a type of product you don’t see from almost all sports nutrition brands on the market. The supplement is named “Kids” and it is precisely that, a formula tailored towards the future generation of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, bringing together a whole host of ingredients to support general health.

Kids from GCode Nutrition is going to feature a combination of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, electrolytes for hydration, probiotics for gut health, and superfood ingredients. As mentioned, GCode’s Kids is essentially an all-in-one daily product, supporting kids from all sorts of angles and corners of health, with the comprehensive approach being an intriguing and impressive highlight.

By the sounds of things, GCode Nutrition Kids is going to be available sometime soon, as you can see in the image above, the supplement has been pictured in the flesh in a finished tub. The brand also doesn’t generally take to long to go from preview to availability, so fans can probably expect to see GCode’s first product for kids on its website sooner rather than later.

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