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GIFD Labs and FluBoost tackle immune support with a fairly different blend of ingredients

Gifd Labs Fluboost

Jerry Ward’s brand GIFD Labs hasn’t had a new supplement launch for some time, with the last one coming back in early 2020 with the renaming of its peri-workout product Perfect Post Elite to Intrapost-HP. Before then, it was the stress and anxiety supplement DLPAROL way back in 2019, although this week that all changes with the reveal and release of FluBoost.

True to its name, Jerry Ward and GIFD Labs’ FluBoost is a product entirely dedicated to supporting and strengthening your immune system, bringing together a variety of reliable ingredients to get the job done. Each serving of FluBoost has 200mg of pine bark, 75mg of echinacea, 150mg of peppermint, 250mg of ginger extract, and the heaviest feature, fulvic acid at 300mg.

Gifd Labs Fluboost Label

It’s quite an interesting blend of ingredients, notably not including many of the usual immunity suspects such as vitamin C and D, zinc, and elderberry, but still packing a complex and comprehensive formula. The immune-strengthening supplement is available now from Amazon, the retailer Tiger Fitness, and GIFD Labs’ online store at $39.99 for a 30 serving bottle.