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Gods Rage blends aminos, energy and focus in its all-new Berserker EAA

Gods Rage Berserker Eaa

German brand Gods Rage has a new amino out this week or at least a hybrid amino supplement, introducing Berserker EAA, which is a little simpler than its other amino-based intra-workout, Intra Warfare. The reason we say Berserker EAA is more of a hybrid product is that it brings together almost all nine EAAs for muscle recovery and some stimulating ingredients.

Gods Rage Berserker EAA has eight of the nine EAAs at a combined 9.7g per serving, with the one missing being tryptophan. Where the stimulating side comes in is the brand has also included half a gram of tyrosine and a fairly light 250mg of choline bitartrate for focus and 100mg of caffeine for energy. To top it off, Berserker EAA also has a couple of electrolytes for hydration.

The leading German sports nutrition retailer Gigas Nutrition is the place to go to get your hands on the latest Gods Rage supplement as soon as possible, and where it’s not all that expensive. A full-size 33 serving tub of Berserker EAA will cost you €29.90 (33.91 USD), and you have two flavors to choose from, both cola-themed in traditional Cola and Cola Cherry.