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Got7 puts 18g of lean plant protein into every serving of its newest protein powder

Got7 Nutrition Vegan Protein

As promised, yesterday Got7 Nutrition completely revealed and released its first-ever plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder, appropriately named Vegan Protein. The supplement was previewed and confirmed a couple of days ago, and now that it is available for purchase from the brand’s website at €19.99 (22.89USD) for a half a kilogram tub, we have all of its important details to share.

Got7 Nutrition’s Vegan Protein is a plant-powered protein powder, providing 18g of protein per serving from three transparently dosed premium sources in pea, pumpkin seed, and sunflower protein, broken down into 71%, 18%, and 10% of each serving. The carbohydrates are impressively under a gram with less than half of that sugar, the fat is around 2g, and the calories a nice even 100.

Those macros mentioned are based on Got7 Nutrition’s straightforward flavor of Vegan Protein, or lack thereof, in the unflavored creation called Neutral, featuring only those sources of protein highlighted above. The only other option on the supplement’s menu is an actual taste in Sweet Cinnamon, which is slightly leaner, and both are available now through the brand’s official online store.