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HighKey creates an M&M’s-like candy with no sugar and only 1g of net carbs

Highkey Chocolate Pearls

In the many times we’ve featured and posted about the functional food company HighKey, we almost always refer to it as unique, creative, or one-of-a-kind. It’s hard to argue against that when the brand continues to pump out products and formats you won’t see from many, if any other competitors in the functional space, and that creativity continues once again today.

The ever-expanding and enjoyable HighKey has debuted its delicious-looking Chocolate Pearls, which are miniature dark chocolate candies covered in a blue-colored, hard candy shell. They basically look like the famous M&M’s milk chocolate candy, although, of course, coming from HighKey, you know this is not a sugar-loaded treat; in fact, it has absolutely no sugar in a serving.

Highkey Chocolate Pearls 1

The macros on HighKey’s promising Chocolate Pearls include a gram of protein in a 30g serving or 33 candies, 6g of fat, and only a single gram of net carbohydrates for a total of 70 calories. The product comes in large 8oz bags, working out to 264 of the colorful dark chocolate candies, and if you throw down all of them, you’ll be looking at 48g of fat, 8g of net carbs, and 560 calories.

HighKey continues to show its creative side in Chocolate Pearls and simply keeps us going back and ordering more. All of the brand’s products we’ve tried have been on point, so we have no reason to believe the candy shell dark chocolate pieces will be any different. The mouth-watering product is available from HighKey’s website at a reasonable $14.97 for a single 8oz bag.

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