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Meta Nutra powers it first supplement with solid dosages for energy and focus

Introducing Meta Nutra

Meta Nutra is an up-and-coming brand out of Canada that is taking on the industry with one product to start, and it is not your typical pre-workout, fat burner, or protein powder. Meta Nutra has begun its journey with a well-put-together nootropic simply named Focus, formulated to improve and enhance energy, clarity, concentration, and true to its name; mental focus.

Focus from Meta Nutra is packed full of reliable ingredients and respectable dosages to deliver on all of those benefits mentioned. To drive home the increased and elevated focus, each serving of the supplement has 3g of tyrosine, a gram of lion’s mane, 200mcg of huperzine A, 300mg of alpha-GPC and for energy, you get 100mg of caffeine from green tea.

Meta Nutra Focus

As mentioned, Meta Nutra has truly brought together familiar and reliable ingredients and included them at dosages that don’t disappoint. They’re all wrapped in a tasty Peach Lemonade powder, with 20 full servings per tub. The brand suggests using its first product for any situation requiring improved energy and focus, from the gym to study, gaming, and general productivity.

While Focus is currently Meta Nutra’s only supplement, it is also just the beginning, with the brand confirming it does plan to expand into other categories. Sometime this coming Summer, Meta Nutra will be looking to drop a stimulant-powered pre-workout, more specifically built for the gym and exercise, and should be one to watch out for based on its debut product.

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