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Kiwi Lime flavor and a smaller 12oz can pictured for A Shoc’s thermogenic drink

Kiwi Lime A Shoc Accelerator

Images have surfaced of a refreshing new flavor and size of the beverage brand A Shoc’s alternative A Shoc Accelerator drink, created to provide clean, natural energy and enhanced thermogenesis. The product provides 200mg of caffeine from a blend of green coffee bean, coffee fruit, guarana, and yerba mate, alongside ashwagandha, coQ10, ginseng, electrolytes, and capsaicin for the thermogenic effect.

Previously A Shoc Accelerator was only available in a traditional 16oz can, although the additional size that’s been spotted is 25% smaller than that with a slim and sleek 12oz can. We have been able to confirm despite the downsize, the 12oz’s caffeine has remained the same at 200mg per drink. In addition to the new size, the smaller can comes in a new flavor that you won’t find for the original 16oz in Kiwi Lime.

We’re not sure when or where the 12oz and Kiwi Lime flavor of A Shoc Accelerator are going to be out and available, only that they’ve been pictured, as you can see in the image above.