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Life Pro’s unique Choco Monkey flavor expands into its clean Instant Oats

Life Pro Choco Monkey Instant Oats

We recently posted about Spanish brand Life Pro Nutrition for the first time with the launch of its gourmet, inclusion-filled Golden Edition flavor series for Isolate Zero. On that special edition menu were a few creative options, including Choco Monkey, a chocolatey flavor that was already available for three of the brand’s protein powders; now, it’s gone to yet another supplement.

From this week, fans of Life Pro Nutrition and fitness enthusiasts in Spain can get their hands on the unique Choco Monkey flavor for one of the brand’s products that isn’t protein-based in Instant Oats. That supplement is pretty straightforward, combining clean and nutritious oats with flavoring ingredients, and in Choco Monkey, that includes cocoa powder and delicious cookie pieces.

Life Pro Nutrition’s Choco Monkey Instant Oats still has a clean nutrition profile with a typical 50g serving packing 5.8g of protein, 30g of carbohydrates, 3.2g of fat, and 183 calories. You can grab the product straight from the Spanish brand’s online store in 1.6kg (3.5lb) bags at a very reasonable €7.90 (8.98 USD) each.