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M Nutrition gives its latest energy drink a flavor combination of coffee and cola

M Nutrition Cafe Cola

Finnish brand M Nutrition is another European supplement company that has a mountain of different products on the market, covering sports nutrition through to functional food. Beverage is one of the areas the brand competes in, and this month it is introducing a functional drink that is a great source of energy, although it’s the taste or combination of tastes that makes it different.

M Nutrition’s Cafe Cola is a classic carbonated energy drink that is made with coffee to give you a familiar coffee flavor infused with the taste of cola. The blend of those two certainly sounds like a one-of-a-kind experience, providing a solid 105mg of caffeine per can. The nutrition profile on the product is also as clean as you can get with no protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, or calories.

M Nutrition’s energy drink Cafe Cola is available now through its home country online store, in three convenient options including single cans at €1.99 (2.26 USD), packs of six at €11.90 (13.50 USD), and a bulk pack of 24 cans at €47.49 (53.87 USD), which works to pretty much the same value as the individual cans at €1.98 each.

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