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BCAA Revolution menu moves closer to a total of 20 with Passion Fruit Punch

Muscle Sport Passion Fruit Punch Bcaa Revolution

BCAA Revolution is another main category supplement from Muscle Sport that has a lot of different flavors to choose from, well into the double digits; in fact, the menu is almost at a total of 20. The brand known for its tasty products has another addition to its BCAA-based amino this week to go alongside other enjoyable efforts such as Rainbow Ice, Coconut Limarita, Ghoulade, and the unique Fuhgettaboutit Fruit Punch.

The newest member of Muscle Sport’s BCAA Revolution family is a fairly straightforward fruity flavor that gives you the taste right in its name with Passion Fruit Punch. The obviously passion fruit-tasting option has all of the usual BCAA Revolution highlights, including a 10g blend of BCAAs, various glutamines, taurine, and HICA. You can grab the Passion Fruit Punch BCAA Revolution straight from the brand’s website at $49.99 a tub.